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Pit & Fissure Sealant
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UltraSeal XT plus:

What children want: Do it fast! What their parents want: Make it last! UltraSeal XT plus helps you achieve both – thanks to convenient syringe delivery and optimum material composition with a high filler content.

Ideal viscosity: Ultra Seal XT plus is flowable when applied with the Inspiral Brush Tip, but stays after it has been placed. In contrast to ordinary cannulae, the brush tip can be used to work the sealant into the fissures, avoiding the formation of air bubbles.The 58% fill provides enhanced stability and wearability. As a preparatory step, use PrimaDry (see on the right), as it removes any residual moisture from the fissures and allows ideal penetration of UltraSeal XT plus.

UltraSeal XT plus is a light-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing composite sealant. It is stronger and more wear resistant because it is a 58%-filled resin and has less polymerization shrinkage than competitive products. The spiral brush action of the Inspiral® Brush tip causes shear thinning of the filled, thixotropic UltraSeal XT plus, reducing its viscosity as it is placed. The resin firms when shear thinning ceases and placement is complete, preventing it from running before it can be light cured. Using PrimaDry with UltraSeal XT plus enhances UltraSeal XT plus’s penetration into pits and fissures1 by eliminating moisture that can cause failure.


  • Use UltraSeal XT plus for prophylactic sealing of pits and fissures.
  • It may also be used for microrestorative or as an “initial layer” of composite restorations.


BPA Free

  • Ultradent has always been aware of the risk associated with BPA and has never used it in our dental sealants.

Revolutionary Delivery

  • The easiest and most efficient way to ensure UltraSeal XT plus is delivered deep into pits and fissures is to use the Inspiral Brush tip. The unique helical channel of the tip thins the viscous material, and the fine brush fibers help guide the resin directly where you want it to go.

Optimal Viscosity

  • UltraSeal XT plus flows easily into the tiniest pits and fissures, but doesn’t run after placement.

Fluoride Releasing

  • UltraSeal XT plus releases fluoride to the tooth to promote healthy enamel.



  • Ultradent UltraSeal XT Plus Clear Refill 1 Pack :- 1 x 1.2ml Clear syringe
  • Ultradent UltraSeal XT Plus Clear Refill 4 Pack :- 4 x 1.2ml Clear syringes
  • Ultradent UltraSeal XT Plus Opaque White Refill 1 Pack :- 1 x 1.2ml Opaque White syringe
  • Ultradent UltraSeal XT Plus Opaque White Econo Refill 20 Pack :- 20 x 1.2ml Opaque White syringes
  • Ultradent UltraSeal XT Plus Clear Kit :- 1 x 1.2ml Clear syringe 

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