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EndoREZ :

The world’s first syringe-delivered, self-priming canal sealer, EndoREZ minimizes the amount of chair time required for obturation. This thixotropic material has an affinity for moisture deep in dentinal tubules and lateral canals,1 providing the most complete seal available. Since methacrylate-based EndoREZ relies on chemistry rather than heat or pressure to fill the canal, the risk of additional root trauma/fracture is greatly reduced. Rapid set can be further accelerated with EndoREZ® Accelerator. Additionally, studies show that EndoREZ is versatile enough to be used as the sealer with any obturation method, e.g., master cone, lateral condensation, or warm gutta percha. Create a “monobloc” by using EndoREZ resin-coated gutta percha points.


  • EndoREZ is designed to be used with EndoREZ® Points and/or gutta percha for the filling of cleaned and shaped root canals.
  • EndoREZ, in conjunction with a master cone and accessory cone, provides optimum sealing.
  • Although EndoREZ Points are recommended, EndoREZ may be used with all conventional endodontic obturation techniques.


Penetrates Into Tubules Like No Other Sealer

?EndoREZ contains a special hydrophilic organophosphate methacrylate monomer that increases its hydrophilicity and produces a resin with a strong affinity for moisture with resin penetration of 1200μ into the tubules.


EndoREZ penetrates into tubules and adapts to the walls like no other sealer on the market.

Radiopaque Results

EndoREZ results in predictable fills that are radiopaque, easily diagnosed, and suitable for retreatment and post-and-core procedures.

Improved Flowability

?The improved flowability of EndoREZ allows the sealer to reach the isthmus and intercanal areas during the obturation procedure, without using any special device.


Ultradent's patented NaviTip® tip delivers EndoREZ into the entire anatomy of the canal in one step


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