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MS Coat ONE is a single-bottle dentin tubule sealant. It reacts chemically with tooth structure and forms a precipitate that blocks dental tubules, to prevent thermal, mechanical and chemical stimulation of odontoblastic processes.
Application of MS Coat ONE is indicated for topical treatment of dental hypersensitivity due to patent dentinal tubules, and will immediately reduce it. Treatment will remain effective for a significant time period. The use of MS Coat ONE will NOT relieve the discomfort of pulpitis.



Dental hypersensitivity in 

  • Attrition
  • Recession
  • Post Oral Prophylaxis
  • Post Crown Preparation (before making impression)
  • Before Bleaching
  • Relieve dentin hypersensitivity

    • MS Coat ONE is designed to relieve hypersensitivity.
    • The unique MS polymer chemically reacts with tooth structure to form a barrier that seals open tubules and blocks thermal, mechanical and chemical stimulation of the odontoblastic process.

    Immediate, long-lasting relief

    • In a clinical study, MS Coat ONE was applied to hypersensitive teeth using a rubbing motion.
    • Sensitivity was then evaluated using a blast from an air-syringe. MS Coat ONE provided immediate relief from hypersensitivity in 99.4% of the cases. 77.4% of the cases remained asymptomatic after 3 years.

    Prevent hypersensitivity during tooth bleaching

    • Simply apply MS Coat ONE before bleaching to prevent post-operative hypersensitivity.
    • The barrier it creates seals the enamel without reducing the bleaching effect and will not subsequently discolor.

    Extremely easy to use

    • The Felt Applicator is designed for access to hard-to-reach subgingival and interproximal areas.
    • Simply saturate the Felt Applicator and gently rub the hypersensitive surfaces.
    • Safety


      Discontinue use immediately if signs of irritation (rash, etc.) appear. See a physician.

      Avoid contact

      Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Contaminated skin should be thoroughly rinsed with running water. If the material enters the eye, rinse immediately with copious amounts of running water and consult an ophthalmologist.

      To get the best results with MS Coat ONE

      Storage conditions

      Store MS Coat ONE in a dark place at room temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (above 30°C or below 1°C).

      Avoid Contamination

      Once a tooth is sealed with MS Coat ONE, the bond strength of subsequently applied adhesives will be compromised. To seal a surface that will be bonded later, use Hybrid Bond instead of MS Coat ONE. If a surface treated with MS Coat ONE must be bonded, the surface layer should be removed.

      Alternatively, if the surface should be rubbed for 10 seconds with a pledget saturated with Green Activator before bonding with Super-Bond C&B, good bond strengths can be attained

      Surface preparation

      Tooth surface preparation: Remove plaque and clean the tooth surface with a moistened cotton pledget. Then wipe with a dry cotton pledget. (Note: If plaque and calculus are severe, preliminary application of MS Coat ONE may be necessary. After scaling, another coat of MS Coat ONE should be applied.)

      Application of MS Coat ONE

      a) Dispense 1-3 drops of MS Coat ONE into the plastic dispensing dish.

      b) Application of MS Coat ONE: Control moisture with cotton rolls. Apply the liquid with the Felt Applicator for 30 seconds using a pumping/rubbing motion.

      Then gently dry the surface with an air syringe for 10 seconds. If the surface remains hypersensitive, repeat the procedure.


      Rinse with water. If the efficacy after treatment is not perfect, repeat the treatment at successive appointments to improve desensitization.

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