Kulzer Gluma Bond Universal 4 ML

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GLUMA Bond Universal is effective owing to its easy handling properties and the reliable bond strength.
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8th Generation Bond

Our unique moisture control system containing MDP makes the air-drying just as easy and provides a homogeneous bonding layer. Thanks to our exclusive drop control you can be sure to apply just as much adhesive as you need. With GLUMA Bond Universal, you bond efficiently and economically and you are sure to have created the required precondition for a long-lasting restoration.

GLUMA Bond Universal is a light-curing, self-conditioning all-in-one adhesive for use in adhesive, restorative dentistry. GLUMA Bond Universal was developed for the adhesive bonding and repair of direct filling materials and indirect restorations. Use GLUMA Ceramic Primer additionally for the adhesive bonding and repair of glass ceramic. As a universal adhesive, it may be used as follows depending on the indication:

• SELF-ETCH TECHNIQUE for etching, priming, bonding and desensitisation in a single step
SELECTIVE ETCH TECHNIQUE: adhesion to the tooth enamel can be maximised by applying selective enamel etching with phosphoric acid
ETCH & RINSE TECHNIQUE (total-etch) with an additional etching step with phosphoric acid on enamel and dentine


  • GLUMA Bond Universal is an acetone/water-based solution of light-activated methacrylate monomers and Silane


1. Bonding of direct restorations for all cavity classes (Black) using light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing methacrylate based composites / compomers
2. Bonding of light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing core build-up materials
3. Sealing of hypersensitive tooth areas
4. Sealing of cavities prior to amalgam restorations
5. Bonding of fissure sealants
6. Sealing of cavities and core preparations prior to temporary cementation of indirect restorations (according to the immediate dentine sealing technique)
7. Cementation of indirect restorations with light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing adhesive resin cements
8. Intraoral repair of composite and compomer restorations, porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic as well as metal restorations.



  • The use of this product is contraindicated in cases of known or suspected allergies to (meth)acrylate compounds
  • Do not allow GLUMA Bond Universal to come into direct contact with exposed pulp tissue.
    • For any bonding technique: total-etch, selective etch, and self-etch.
    • For all dental materials.
    • For a broad range of indications of direct and indirect restorations and intraoral repairs.
    • For easy and safe handling with state-of-the-art performance

      • Materials containing eugenol may impair the polymerisation of GLUMA Bond Universal
      • GLUMA Bond Universal is light curing and should be protected against ambient light
      • Do not treat the surface of zirconium and aluminium oxide ceramic with phosphoric acid
      • The use of disinfectants, astringents and rinsing solutions containing EDTA or hydrogen peroxide is not recommended. Residues of these materials may impair the adhesion and curing reaction of the adhesive. But GLUMA Desensitizer and chlorhexidine solutions may be used.
      • Preparation of GLUMA Bond Universal

        From the bottle:

        Drop GLUMA Bond Universal into the mixing well (1 drop for small cavities, 2 drops for larger cavities) and use immediately (within 3 minutes).

        From the single dose:

      • Open the single dose just before use
      • When removing the liquid, briefly rotate the applicator tip or brush in the single dose so that it is completely wetted
      • Application:

      • Use the applicator tip or brush to apply GLUMA Bond Universal to the entire surface of the cavity in one generous layer without delay. Take care to ensure that the margin of the cavity is also adequately covered with liquid
      • Gently rub in the adhesive for 20 seconds
      • Air dry carefully with a gentle oil-free air flow until the adhesive film no longer moves. Move the air flow from outside to inside with increasing intensity at the same time
      • Caution: If the air flow at the start of blowing is too strong, this leads to the bonding agent thinning out and may result in poor adhesion and post-operative discomfort. Do not leave any excess bonding material/puddles, e.g. on the cavity base
      • The surface must be visibly glossy both after applying GLUMA Bond Universal and also after evaporation of the solvent. Ensure complete coverage of the entire cavity surface. If the cavity surface does not appear universally glossy, apply GLUMA Bond Universal again as described

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