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One-step polishing system
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OptraPol “Next Generation” is excellently suitable for finishing and polishing all popular composite restorations in a single step. The effective silicone polishers are highly filled with micro-fine diamond crystallites - up to 72 wt.%. Consequently, the results of the excellent polishing performance are visible within seconds.


After polishing with OptraPol “Next Generation”, composite restorations, e.g. made of Tetric EvoCeram, exhibit a lasting natural-looking lustre. The polishers effectively remove any surface roughness in a very short time and leave the restoration surface exceptionally smooth. As a result, the restorations are less susceptible to staining and the accumulation of plaque.


The OptraPol “Next Generation” one-step polishing system eliminates the need for changing instruments and the risk of confusing the grit size of polishers. In contrast to elastic polishing discs, OptraPol polishers are available in different shapes which are optimally matched to the contours of anterior and posterior teeth. Therefore, restoration surfaces can be polished with much more precision.


The polishers are dimensionally stable, wear resistant and long-lasting. They can be autoclaved and used up to 20 times.

Highly efficient one-step polishing system highly filled with diamond particles. A smooth surface and high-gloss polishing result are achieved in only one working step. OptraPol polishers can be autoclaved and re-used up to 20 times.




  • OptraPol „Next Generation“ provides effective high-gloss polishing results in just one step. It is indicated for the high gloss polishing of direct and indirect restorations made of all popular types of composite material as well as for amalgam restorations.
  • Fast high-gloss polishing in only one step
  • Smooth surfaces thanks to a high concentration of diamond particles
  • Reusable




  • Quick high-gloss polishing in only one working step
  • Smooth surface and perfect lustre due to diamond particles
  • Multiple use for greater cost-efficiency



  • Small flame
  • Large flame
  • Cup
  • Lens

Packet of 4 


Key Specification:-

  • Fast high-gloss polishing in only one step
  • Reusable
  • Finishing & polishing of all popular composite restorations
  • Smooth surfaces - high concentration of diamond particles
    Indication OptraPol is a one-step polishing system for all common dental composites and amalgam. 
    Contraindication If a patient is known to be allergic to any of the components of the polishing instruments, the polishers should not be used.
    Side effects None known to date
    Composition The polishers are made of light-grey polishing material with a red core without polishing function. The light-grey polishing material consists of synthetic rubber and diamond particles. The red core material contains synthetic rubber, aluminium oxide, iron oxide and Irgazin red. The handles are made of stainless steel.
    − Recommended speed: 5,000–8,000 rpm − Max. 10,000 rpm
    − Only use with copious water spray (>50 ml/min).
    − Use without polishing paste.
    − Medium pressure (approx. 2N)

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