Indian Probe + Mouth Mirror + Tweezer

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Probe Mouth Mirror & Tweezer
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Indian PMT set consists of :-

  • Mouth Mirror
  • Probe
  • Tweezer

Mouth mirror:-Concave mirrors used by dentists because at a short range (object distances less than the focal length) they produce magnified, upright images. It is useful to have a magnified image of a tooth when you're looking for or repairing cavities, cracks, or other abnormalities

Probe:- It is an instrument commonly used in the dental armamentarium. It is usually long, thin, and blunted at the end. The primary purpose of a periodontal probe is to measure pocket depths around a tooth in order to establish the state of health of the periodontium.

Tweezers:- commonly used for retrieving objects from the mouth or placing objects into the mouth with somewhat similar functions with forceps.

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