Dentaurum Remanium Dental Lab Co-Cr Chrome Cobalt Metal Alloy Partial Casting

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Dentaurum Remanium GM 380+ Dental Casting Alloy For Model Casting 1000g
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Dentaurum casting alloy is perfect in every detail, Dentaurum products are used in the top 10 world dentist laboratories and considered to be a standard of quality and precision.
This spring hard alloy is an excellent material that fulfills the highest standards of dentistry. Its time-tested outstanding qualities are ideal for all areas of cast skeleton denture work. 
The material is very easy to polish as it has reduced surface hardness. Thus the skeleton dentures are given a more attractive appearance. 
The alloy has optimal laser welding characteristics due to reduced carbon content. 
It is highly corrosion-resistant, safe and biocompatible. The composition does not contain nickel, beryllium, indium and gallium. Therefore its import into the EU, USA and Australia is allowed. 
The alloy is very flexible due to high fracture elongation value. 
With the alloy the lab technician can perfect the partial denture to the finest detail. This will enhance the dentures' wearing comfort for the patient. 
The alloy's composition: cobalt 64,6%, chrome 29,0%, molybdenum 4,5%. 
  • The right moment for casting is shown when the melt has a mirror-like shine
  • Reduced surface hardness
  • Easy finishing and polishing
  • The high elongation at break value promotes activation
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Optimal laser welding characteristics due to reduced carbon content
  • Flexible due to high fracture elongation value
  • Nickel and beryllium free

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