Cotisen Dry Field System Tubing

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Cheek Retractor - Dry Field System Tubing.Cotisen Dry Field System Tubing is a unique type of cheek retractor ideally used for maintaining isolation and preventing iatrogenic defects. Its extra tubing feature helps in connecting the suction.
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The product has seven parts namely:

  1. Retractor
  2. Flexible Connector
  3. Tongue Guard
  4. Connecting Arm
  5. Suction Tubing
  6. Position Block
  7. Y-Connector

Before Operation, Dentists Need to Put the Retractor on Both Sides of Patient’s Lips to Maintain the Mouth Opening So That Patient Will Not Feel to Tired. Meanwhile the Tongue Guard Can Effectively Restrict the Activities of The Tongue.

The Mouth Bottom Is Just Below the Suction Area, Which Can Maximize the Absorption of Saliva and Prevent Moisture.

This Product Can Relatively Dry Environment for Dentists. It’s Mainly Used for Orthodontic Treatment.

 Available Colors:

  • White
  • Green
    • High Quality Plastic
    • Compatible with both Steam & Cold Sterilization.
    • Assembling of cheek retractor

    • Hold flexible connector in one hand with the key fitting facing away from you so that the tube retaining “C” holders open away from you.
    • Place cheek retractors, key hole flange should towards you, on key fitting of flexible connector. Adjust ¼ turn so that opening of cheek retractor are facing each other and distal flange Is facing away from you.
    • Assembling of tongue blocking

    • Band the cheek retractor/flexible connector assembly and insert into patient’s mouth. Ask patient to form lips around retractors.
    • Position the tongue guard over tongue, placing each connecting arm “T” slide into the cheek retractors channels.
    • Instruct the patients to place her/his tongue into the tongue guard and relax the tongue. Once the patient is relaxed, the tongue will settle into the floor of the mouth.
    • The connecting arm ”T” slides can now be pushed back into the cheek retractor channels by moving the “T” slides back until the suction tubes are behind the last tooth.
    • Position tube loosely behind retaining posts. If pulled to tightly, the tubing will force the tongue against the mandible causing patient discomfort.
    • Place the suction tubing around the tube retaining “C” holders on the outside of the flexible connector.
    • Connect the suction tubes to the “y”- connector and attach to volume evacuator.

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