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Gelatin Sponges
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Gelatamp is a gelatine sponge for the prophylaxis of wound infections and secondary bleeding after extractions. Gelatamp contains colloidal silver and is therefore distinctly different from pure gelatine sponges. The silver leads to a broad antibacterial effect over the entire absorption time and gives gelatamp its specific brown colour.

  • Rapid initial hemostasis
  • Stabilization of the coagulum
  • Broad bactericidal depot effect
  • Complete resorption


  • Hardened gelatine Ph. Eur. 9.5 mg
  • Colloid silver Ph. Eur. 0.5 mg


The treatment of alveoli and wound cavities, e.g. after

  •  Extractions
  •  Apical amputations
  •  Maxillary sinus perforations
  •  Other surgical treatments (removal of tumours or retained teeth)

Prophylaxis of

  • Secondary cavity formation
  • Wound infections
  • Secondary haemorrhage prophylaxis as well as a dressing after gingivectomy and in periodontopathies


  • Rapid initial haemostasis following extractions is an important step in initiating wound healing.
  • The haemostatic process forms a coagulum which is the decisive link to the resulting granulation tissue which finally replaces the coagulum.
  • Disturbances in wound healing often occur if the coagulum is not formed, a formed coagulum is destroyed or if it is lost due to inappropriate post-operative patient behaviour.
  • The use of Gelatamp counteracts these influencing factors in various ways and has been proven to reduce disturbances in wound healing.

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