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Fleximeter-Strips are a useful innovation for the dentist and technician alike. These strips are flexiblemeasuring instruments in three different thicknesses. They measure the height of the preparation ongrinding teeth for restoration (e.g. crowns, bridges or telescopic crowns). The thicknesses of theFleximeter-Strips 1,0 mm, 1,5 mm und 2,0 mm can also be used to enlarge the vertical dimension(height of bite). They are made from a special silicone rubber that can be sterilized up to atemperature of 200°C (390°F).

If Arti-Spot®or Arti-Sprayis applied to the Fleximeter-Strips, it can be used as a marking indicatiorwhen measuring the height of the preparation

Arti Spot

Arti-Spotis a contact color for testing the accurate fit of crowns, inlays, onlays, telescoping crownsand clasps and the friction surface of debris.

Arti-Spot ®can be applied with a brush. The solvent evaporates in seconds, leaving a thin film 3µthick. Every contact destroys the color skin exactly at the point of contact. The base material thenshines clearly through and high spots can easily be detected.Arti-Spot®can also be used to test high spots on highly polished occlusal surfaces such as gold orceramic. 

Arti-Spot®can easily be removed after use. Hot water, mechanical friction (toothbrush or dentalfloss), alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and steaming will also loosen residual color deposits. On sealeddental plaster Arti-Spot®®can also be removed with a brush.

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